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Roll’em Bones, LLC is a small Deaf company operating since 2018. Since our passion grew from playing board games so often and it was time to show our community the love of being board gamers. We want to create a community where our signing guests of all age are welcome to come to a place of tabletop gaming in American Sign Language (ASL).

Right now, we are hosting board game events. However, we are soon-to-be board game cafe. 

Now, lets get into tabletop gaming mode with your friends, family and even your foes and do the most importantly, have fun and everybody wins! 

🎲🎲 Rattle Your Bones! 🎲🎲

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Co-Founder & Company Manager

Brian Suchite raised in Miami, Florida. Mr. Suchite went to Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. and got Bachelor of Science in Accounting and then in few years later Brian got his Master of Public Administration in 2014. The three things Brian loves so much are board games, craft beers and coffee.  These things are the main reason why he want to start a board game cafe business. 


Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

Christopher Izzo was born and raised in the streets of Miami where all the ruthless and merciless pirates who would plunder the gold and sell it up-charged. Mr. Izzo graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business. Later, Christopher got his Master of Business Administration in Information Technology. Christopher used to work in the government sector for few years before becoming the beacon of hope for the children of South Florida



Head Chef

Hector Reynoso raised in Ventura County, California. Mr. Reynoso has restaurant experience over 15 years with a family business. Hector graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Hector currently studies his master in Public Administration. His passion is cooking and creating the most delicious dishes for our guests. He loves to serve food and see people flavorful reaction because food is his life.

Like what you see? Get in touch with me to plan your next event.

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